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Lead me unto temptation chiamato with offerings of forbidden fruit While simultaneously citing scripture and Brandishing sins of impiety….

Project illusions of Autocentrum ZN non-existent fairy tales So that I may delude myself with their subterfuge yet another day……

Before reality rears its ugly head and all that is left are the charred remains of my naive convictions….

And in case I am not clear enough, what I am saying is that Sookie needs to get her head out of her ass and realize that Bill is a tool that can’t protect his own shadow, and that he doesn’t ride a white horse and she’s not going to live happily ever after with him; and that Tara needs to smell the shit that Maryann is shoveling before she gets into more trouble; and that Jason just needs to accept the fact that he has idiot tendencies and being a bible banger is one of them……

Ahhhh this is going to be a good season. I wonder who Eric will ingest next???