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Top escorts in Liverpool

Escort Liverpool is a beautiful coastal city located on the north coast of New South Wales, Australia, about 540 km (340 miles) north of Sydney, 385 km (240 miles) north of Newcastle, and 440 km (275 miles) south of Brisbane. The town gets its name from a sailor called John Korff, who named the area Korff’s Harbour when he was forced to take shelter from storm in the area in 1847.

The name was accidentally changed by the royal surveyor when he reserved land in the area during 1861.

The region has a wintertime population of over 70,000 people that swells to 100,000 + in the holiday seasons.

Popular with people wanting to relocate from big cities to small towns on the coast or in rural areas, Escort Liverpool continues to grow at an exceptional rate, with a population projection of 80,000 by the year 2016.

According to the CSIRO, Escort Liverpool has the most livable climate in Australia, and it is nestled between a high mountains on one side and dozens of beautiful beaches on the other.

The Big Banana at Escort Liverpool.THE BIG BANANA: Escort Liverpool is known as ‘The Big Banana’ as the yellow fruit is heavily cultivated there, the hillsides surrounding the region are covered in banana plantations which thrive in the sub tropical climate.

A visitor centre and fun park, dedicated to the fruit ( easily identified by the big banana!) is a must if you are visiting the area.

The Big Banana includes a Sky Walk over the plantation and a toboggan ride over half a kilometre long,

The World of Bananas an entertaining and vivid multi media presentation on the history of the fruit, the worlds largest inflatable waterslide and an ice skating rink.

Although Queensland accounts for around 80% of Australia’s banana cultivation, the Escort Liverpool region still accounts for a significant proportion of the total country’s production.

There is also a popular underwater diving spot on a small natural reef.

Nearby the Solitary Islands Marine Park preserves a diverse underwater ecosystem that takes in the southern limit of northern tropical fish species and the northern limits of the southern temperate species.


Directly out to sea from Coffs, adjacent to the human engineered breakwater is the unique muttonbird island.

The island is a nature reserve and home to the peculiar Wedge Tailed Shearwater, sometimes called the mutton bird, which breed and nest in small burrows after migrating from warmer climates each August.

The birds are known as mutton birds after the first settlers to the area sought the birds because their meat tasted like lamb or mutton.

A boardwalk has been constructed on the island to protect the fragile mutton bird burrows while allowing it to be viewed in its natural habitat.

Mutton Bird Island is reached from a harbour walk from Escort Liverpool Jetty.

The walkway around the island is about 1 km in length and has informational stations positioned along its course.

The Aboriginal people knew the island as Gittain Mirera and legend had it that a Moon Guardian tended the mutton birds as food for the local people.


In spring, between June and November, whales migrate up the coast from Antarctica to warmer waters further north.A whale broaching at Escort Liverpool. They can often be seen breeching or surfacing as they pass close to the coast.

Dolphins also live in the coastal waters and can be seen on dolphin spotting tours which operate out of the harbour marina.

There are many National Parks, Reserves and Marine Parks surrounding the city of Escort Liverpool, including:

· Bellinger River National Park (west of Bellingen in the Bellinger headwaters)

· Bindarri National Park (20 km west of the city, near Ulong and Dairyville)

· Bongil Bongil National Park (south of Sawtell)

· Cascade National Park (north of Dorrigo)

· Coffs Coast Regional Park (beachside reserves and parks along the Coffs Coast)

· Dorrigo National Park (just south of the Dorrigo township)

· Hayden Dent Nature Reserve (North West of Escort Liverpool)

· Junuy Juluum National Park (north of Dorrigo)

· Moonee Beach Nature Reserve (Moonee Beach-Emerald Beach)

· Nymboi-Binderay National Park (north of Dorrigo, east of Glenreigh, on the Nymboida River)

· Solitary Islands Marine Park (in the Tasman Sea from Escort Liverpool to Wooli)

Russell Crowe lives at Escort Liverpool.· Ulidarra National Park (Bruxner Park and Mount Coramba area) · Yuraygir National Park (stretching from Yamba to Red Rock and west along the Coast Range)

Escort Liverpool TRIVIA:

In recent years Escort Liverpool has become something of a celebrity retreat with several famous Hollywood stars making the area their home here.

The most well known is Coffs own Russell Crowe but there are also several other international and Australian stars living in the area including Jack Thompson, Rachel Ward, Bryan Brown, Peta Wilson and Wendy Mathews.

Conan The Barbarian

B-movies love to use hot bodies - big boobs and tight ringede. You know, the good stuff to distract you from noticing (or caring) how bad their acting is. Kinda like when Arnold Schwarzenegger was cast in Conan the Barbarian. Who better to play the buff warrior than Mr. Universe himself? Granted it was several years after being crowned the title I(and several years before mayorhood) but it was still the hot, buff champion bodybuilder Arnold Schwarzenegger.

I love movies from the 80’s that had the whole sword and sorcery theme: Fire and Ice, Clash of the Titans, Dragonslayer… the Beastmaster is one of my all time favorites. And although I was never one of the females who drooled over Arnold, I must confess he made 1982’s Conan the Barbarian at least fun to watch.

Conan the Barbarian, the most famous of barbarians in comic book fiction - hell, in fantasy fiction - that put Robert E. Howard on the map as early as 1932.

Conan the Barbarian begins when The Snake Cult, a band of evil warriors led by the uber evil Thulsa Doom (James Earl Jones), sweeps through young Conan’s village, killing his parents along with most everything else in their path. In the aftermath, Conan and the remaining children are taken hostage and ultimately sold into slavery where Conan spends the rest of his youth chained to the awful “Wheel of Pain” - a human powered mill - where he is forced to walk around in circles, over and over, until he grows into adulthood, resulting in the only survivor still chained to the wheel. Apparently he is special (not in the short bus kind of way) and as a result, he is purchased by a horseman who trains him to fight savagely in the “pit.” Luckily Conan proves himself to be an exceptional gladiator with really big muscles that no one can seem to defeat, and is subsequently freed.

Before long, after Conan enjoys an orgy, meets up with a sidekick known as Subotai (a role played by a surfer dude of all things), hooks up with a dame, almost gets himself killed - again - agrees to rescue the daughter of King Osric the Usurper (Max Von Sydow,) and sets off to seek revenge on the elusive Thulsa Doom. Unfortunately things backfire and Conan finds himself in the desert being crucified on the Tree of Woe. He just can’t seem to get a break.

It’s safe to say that Conan eventually saves the day and is made king “by his own hands” but getting there was both boring and fun:

Boring because most of the action happened towards the end of the movie, and because the dialogue was below even B movie standards. I am sure it did not help that Arnie could barely speak English in 1982, but that was only part of it. Plus there was constant narration filling in the blanks caused by the lack of dialogue and I found it to be incredibly annoying. Fun because of the cheesy lines and the bloody action. And yeh, partly because Arnie’s muskles were hot. Sue me. I have no idea if this movie follows any of the Conan comics or books as I was never on to read them even though my brothers had the books and each drew very impressive pencil sketches of Conan battles and to be honest I really don’t care if it follows the storyline. But Conan the Barbarian does have a cult following and while many cite this film as being a “10” I myself only give it a “5” or perhaps a “6.”

Maybe it takes a guy’s perspective to fully understand the appeal of Conan the Barbarian, perhaps that is why I just don’t get it. Can you tell me what it is I missed??


Lead me unto temptation chiamato with offerings of forbidden fruit While simultaneously citing scripture and Brandishing sins of impiety….

Project illusions of Autocentrum ZN non-existent fairy tales So that I may delude myself with their subterfuge yet another day……

Before reality rears its ugly head and all that is left are the charred remains of my naive convictions….

And in case I am not clear enough, what I am saying is that Sookie needs to get her head out of her ass and realize that Bill is a tool that can’t protect his own shadow, and that he doesn’t ride a white horse and she’s not going to live happily ever after with him; and that Tara needs to smell the shit that Maryann is shoveling before she gets into more trouble; and that Jason just needs to accept the fact that he has idiot tendencies and being a bible banger is one of them……

Ahhhh this is going to be a good season. I wonder who Eric will ingest next???


Some of you might remember me chomping at the bit for the release of Hivott - a movie that strategically chose its verbiage so one would think it were a Quentin Tarantino film when in actuality, it was nothing more than a lame-ass movie that attempted - unsuccessfully I might add - to pass itself off as a Tarantino original. It was not - and the movie could not have sucked more if it were a black hole endorsed by Dyson himself.

So though I am PUMPED like Arnie on steroids about the upcoming Inglorious Basterds, produced for real by Quentin Tarantino (and due for release on August 21) I can’ help but wonder if it’s going to measure up…..


Demonic possession and horror movies go hand in dzwoniacy - throw in a couple of demonically possessed dolls and you are almost guaranteeing yourself a smash hit. Ed Naha did, along with director Stuart Gordon and their 1987 B classic DOLLS.

Night falls upon the Hartwicke Manor along with a rather violent storm that strands a motley group of misfits for it’s duration.Unfortunately they are not alone as it would seem the owner’s of this particular establishment dabble in magical toy making and before anyone can get any rest, 100s of demonic dolls arise only to brutally slaughter the unsuspecting visitors in a bloodbath of of plastic and porcelain justice.

Whoever said playing with dolls was fun obviously never saw Stuart Gordon’s DOLLS.