memeExamples of memes are tunes, concepts, catch-phrases, garments fashions, ways of making pots or of constructing arches. The model is dependent upon two parameters that describe the kinetics of propagation of the meme in the cybersphere (humankind’s system of data diffusion and processing). These two parameters do NOT depend on what happens outside the cybersphere. The world’s inhabitants might continue growing however the meme will undergo its path, oblivious to all the things that is not reported in the media. Read more about drake meme here. Whereas it declines, the meme does not disappear, but it surely remains dormant. It is not infective anymore.

Dawkins outlined the meme as a unit of cultural transmission, or a unit of imitation and replication, but later definitions would range. The dearth of a constant, rigorous, and exact understanding of what typically makes up one unit of cultural transmission stays a problem in debates about memetics 20 In distinction, the idea of genetics gained concrete evidence with the invention of the organic capabilities of DNA Meme transmission requires a bodily medium, reminiscent of photons, sound waves, contact, taste or odor because memes will be transmitted only through the senses.

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